Challenged By Globalization, Competition, Customers & Technology?

Continuously evolving globalization, technology, competition and customer segments keep increasing business complexity.  

As a result, managers increasingly struggle with issues such as:

  • How to protect existing and find new revenue streams

    • How to penetrate current and find new markets

    • How to develop solutions for evolving business needs

    • How to differentiate and stay competitive 

  • How to adapt business capabilities to changing markets

    • How to evolve business models 

    • How to improve existing and develop new processes

    • How to take advantage of emerging technologies such as Advanced Analytics, the Internet of Things, and Blockchain 

CORE Business Innovation can help you tackle these challenges by developing strategies that improve your business results.

How We Can Help

CORE Business Innovation can help improve your business results by developing better growth, go-to-market and operations strategies.

Our strategies aim to:

  • Improve your business profitability

    • Grow your revenues​​​

      • Identify the most profitable markets

      • Improve existing & develop new profitable solutions

      • Attract and retain profitable customers​

    • Manage your operations better

      • Evolve your business model

      • Improve process effectiveness & efficiency

  • Realize your investments

    • Improve your Return on Investment

    • Improve your shareholder returns

    • Improve your stock price

Read below how CORE Business Innovation can help you improve your Business Results.

Our Approach

the Most Attractive Markets

Business Issue:

  • As customer needs evolve and  competition increases, you may need to expand, refine or change your target customer and solutions segments.  


  • Customer Segment Change: 

    • A logistics provider refocuses from SMBs to mid-market customers.

    • Result: steadier revenues and healthier profit margins.

  • Solution Segment Expansion:

    • A software provider expands into IT services (consulting, implementation, maintenance) to provide end-to-end solutions.

    • Result: increased customer value, improved revenues and profits.

How CORE Business Innovation can help:

  • Improve your profits by determining the most attractive Target Markets

  • Develop a strategy & roadmap to capture your Target Markets.

Create Solutions
That Add Value

Business Issues:

  • Many solutions fail to add sufficient value to customers compared to existing and/or competitive solutions. 

  • Additionally, many solutions are not sufficiently profitable.


  • Problem

    • Provider sells low cost factory products. However, customers really need more Total Value of Ownership.

  • Solution

    • ​Provider reduces customers' repair costs through sensors, predictive analytics and monitoring services.

    • Customers' revenues increase as they improve service to their customers.

  • Results:

    • Increased value for customers

    • New customers & revenues

    • Higher profits from software/services.

How CORE Business Innovation can help:

  • Determine key solution Value drivers.

  • Develop / adjust Solutions and Value Propositions to improve business value to customers and your business.

Build Supporting
Business Capabilities

Business Issue:

  • Changes in your business environment may require you to redesign your Business Capabilities (value chain, business model, processes, functions) to deliver great solutions and maintain or improve profits.


  • Business Model:

    • A hardware provider outsources  manufacturing due to competition

    • Result: improved profits through refocus on design, sales and marketing.

  • Channels:

    • A provider switches to indirect sales

    • Result: increased revenues through broader market reach. 

  • Business Processes:

    • A provider deploys Online Self Service.

    • Result: lower service costs, increased  customer responsiveness and profits.

How CORE Business Innovation can help:

  • Determine Business Capabilities needed to deliver your solution. 

  • Assess which Business Capabilities help improve your profits most.

  • Re-design your Business Capabilities.