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Top Tier Go-To-Market Strategies for Mid-Market Firms

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Struggling to grow or maintain your business?

Challenges & Decisions

As markets are becoming more complex (influenced by globalization, changing customer segments, evolving technology etc.), many companies increasingly struggle with key business questions:​​​​

  • In which markets should we be?

    • What are the most attractive markets? Which markets should we exit?

    • Which customer segments and customer needs should we (not) focus on?

    • Which competitors should we worry about?

  • How can we win in our target markets?

    • How should we differentiate ourselves from our competition?​

    • Should we be a low cost vs premium provider?

  • How should we execute?

    • What solutions/services should we provide? 

    • What routes to market should we use? Which types of (sourcing, solution, channel) partners should we use​?

    • How do we best communicate our solutions and value?

    • What business capabilities (processes, people, technology) do we need to enable delivery?

    • How do we monetize our solutions/services to improve our financial results?

    • How do we keep evolving our business model and capabilities to keep pace with changing markets?

If these are questions that your business is wrestling with, we may be able to help you.

How we can help...

At CORE Business Innovation, we can help you answer the above questions and improve business results by making the best choices supported by data and analytics.

We have extensive experience in strategy and operations, and analyzing data to help clients improve market decisions, and grow their business.

We help companies in many industries - with special focus on logistics, transportation and technology companies. 


Read more about our approach to:

  • Market segmentation

  • Positioning

  • Solutions (products/services/solutions)

  • Monetization

  • Partnering

  • Promotion

  • Business capabilities

What you will get...

Our mission is to bring Top Tier consulting advice to mid-market firms at a fraction of the price. 


Strategies are meaningless without improving financial resultsOur strategies aim to help you:

  • Identify and target the most profitable markets

  • Improve existing & develop new profitable solutions

  • Develop supporting business capabilities

  • Improve financial results

Read below how CORE Business Innovation can help you improve your Financial Results.

We've done this before...

Our advice is grounded in 30 years of experience with Top Tier consulting firms, with large, medium and small firms across a wide range of industries including technology (hardware, software, services), telecommunications, logistics, transportation, healthcare, life sciences, government and others.


Read more about our experience and background...

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