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In everything we do, we use a systematic and holistic approach to ensure we cover all important issues in helping clients improve their market position.

However, our approach is always flexible, as we will customize it to each customer's specific needs.

Our overarching approach is as follows:

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Capture the
Most Attractive

Being successful starts with determining 'where to play'.

Typical Business Issues addressed:

  • Are in the right markets currently?

  • Should we enter new markets?


Our Approach:

  • Assess market segments

  • Assess competition

  • Determine client's business capabilities

  • Determine the most attractive Target Markets 

  • Develop a strategy & roadmap to (refine the approach to) capture Target Markets


  • Improved market segment focus

  • Stronger market positioning

  • Better differentiation

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Solutions & Value Proposition

The next step is to determine 'how to win' - i.e. what services/solutions to provide, and what value this will provide to customers.

Typical Business Issues addressed:

  • What solutions can provide the most value to customers

  • Can we monetize this value appropriately for our business?

Our Approach:

  • Determine Solution Value Drivers.

  • Develop / refine Solutions and Value Propositions to improve business value to customers and your business.

  • Improve Market Messaging


  • New/Improved solutions 

  • Increased value for customers

  • Better competitive differentiation

  • Improved customer retention

  • Increased market penetration

Go-To-Market Capabilities

Providing services needs to be supported by the appropriate business capabilities.

Typical Business Issues addressed:

  • Which (type of) partners do we need?

  • What marketing messages should we provide?

  • How can we best re-align our business processes, organization and systems to providing our solutions?

Our Approach:

  • Optimize Solution / Channel Partner Approach

  • Align Marketing Communications

  • Improve supporting Business Capabilities (processes, organization, technology, etc.)


  • Partner strategy

  • Optimized solution partners

  • Optimized channels

  • Broader market reach

  • Improved alignment of business capabilities to market offering

Improve & Optimize Financial Results

Typical Business Issues addressed:

  • Uncertain pricing approaches

  • Weak financial performance

Our Approach:

  • Assess competitive pricing approaches

  • Determine customer value drivers

  • Analyze customer sales & margins

  • Determine optimal pricing approach 


  • Improved pricing approach

  • Healthier sales margins

  • Growing revenues

  • Improved profits

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